“James has the strongest UX skillset I have seen. He seeks out the qualitative and quantitative research he needs to drive strong design that focuses on consumer experience and conversion.”

“I had the opportunity to work with James numerous times and it always was a pleasure to watch him work through a difficult task that was effecting our users overall experience.

James has a unique approach of wrangling in stakeholders, keeping them informed and on board with any and all changes. He continues to put users at the forefront and in doing so, the products and/or teams he has worked on are better for it. I would welcome the opportunity to work with James again in the future.”


“James is an extremely talented UX designer and researcher. We have worked together on several projects including large-scale rebranding and redesigns. I have conducted UX research and prototyping with him and worked as a developer implementing his designs.

His number one priority is always the end user. He asks how any and every design choice will impact the user, and takes every user interaction very seriously. From responsive, mobile-first design to cutting edge features and highly optimized experiences, his attention to detail is something he takes pride in. He is constantly researching not only design trends and new interaction design, but also the ever-changing way humans interact with interfaces around them.

He approaches UX design as a holistic experience. What happens on screen is only part of the experience. It must be part of a larger strategy that includes branding, customer service, and interaction with the non-technical parts of the process.”



“I was fortunate enough to work with James during my time at Headspring and he has continued to be a friend and great source of information in regards to UX and business.

Over the several years working with him, he was a key driver in landing additional contracts and really making a powerful impression with our clients.

He has a rare ability to simplify processes and brainstorming sessions into easily understood works of art. The passion he has for the industry is clear in his work, his attitude, and his continuous drive for improvement.

I would absolutely like to work with James again and 100% recommend him to any company looking for a UX powerhouse”