A Senior User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) Designer with a career history of leading digital transformation and change management projects to improve user experiences, increase web conversion rates, and ultimately drive top-line revenue growth for organizations in highly competitive industries/markets.

Proactively identifies and analyzes customer needs and requirements to design cost-effective plans that maximize business value in Agile environments.

User Experience (UX) | User Interface (UI) | Digital Transformation | Project Planning/Management | Heuristic Evaluations | Digital Roadmaps | Frameworks | Design Thinking | Lean | Agile | Feasibility Studies | User Journeys/Service Blueprints | Technical Documentation | Interaction Models | Wireframes | Storyboards | Interactive Low/High Fidelity Prototypes | InVisionApp, Inc | Figma | Sketch | Adobe Suite | Team Leader


2020 – current

pixelneering – Private UX Consultant

Planned and coordinated digital transformation services for national agencies that increased customer engagement and reduced SaaS issues through UX audits and Heuristic Evaluations.

Highlighted Achievements

  • Improved National Sales Revenues by $120MM Through the Design and Deployment of User-Friendly Online Appointment Scheduling for the nation’s largest DSO.
    • Decreased overall ‘no-show’ rate to just under 10% from the previous 30-40% across all practices.
    • Improved scheduling accuracy and efficiency by removing multiple manual steps in the appointment process.
  • Identified potential $6.2 million in lost revenue through a UX audit of a national roofing company’s SaaS product.
  • Increased Roofing Organizations Overall Lead Capture Rate by 130% with a redesign and restructure of key landing pages and implementation of landing page best practices.

Highlighted Responsibilities

  • Identified User Needs and Requirements of internal SaaS products using UX Audit, Lean UX, and User-Centered Design. Created wireframes and interaction models, performed functional/user testing and suggested and implemented over 75 user enhancements that dramatically improved user efficiency while decreasing the overall number of errors in data and reducing ‘lost’ candidates to zero.


2017 – 2020

Heartland Dental

Led the planning, design, and execution of digital transformation projects to completely redesign 1200+ distinct branch location websites throughout the nation, meet emerging customer needs/requirements, and improve both user experiences (UX) and business value.

Highlighted Achievements

  • Increased Patient Flow Volumes to Capture $1.2B in Additional Revenues Nationally by Enhancing Website User Experiences. 

Specific Milestones Included

    • Surged Year-Over-Year (YOY) New Patient Appointment Requests by 200%.
    • Increased Organic SEO Site Traffic from 18% to 75%+.
    • Improved Mobile Traffic from 20% to 78% While Reducing Bounce Rates from 99% to Less Than a 35%.
  • Improved National Sales Revenues by $120MM Through the Development and Deployment of User-Friendly Online Appointment Scheduling.
  • Created and Delivered 3500 Customization Options for 1200+ Websites while maintaining core CSS and HTML, migrating the organization from a “doctor-first” to a “user-first” mentality and continuing to deliver outstanding service to all parties.
  • Decreased Site Update/Go-Live Times by 95% (from 21 days to less than one day), with the development/launch of the internal website management system (Project Lakestreet) that transitioned website update roles/responsibilities to the marketing teams.
  • Empowered the Organization to Capture 75-80% Client Conversion Rates for High Margin Procedures with the design of an automated marketing and prospect qualification process using the Mautic open-source e-commerce platform.

Highlighted Responsibilities

  • Designed and Led Digital Roadmaps, Frameworks, and Design Systems for Customer-Focused Digital Transformation/Change Management Projects using Design Thinking, Lean UX, User-Centered Design, and Agile. Created project plans, scopes, and strategies, conducted feasibility studies, forecasted/allocated resources, performed functional/user testing, tracked milestones/progress/KPIs, and initiated contingency plans, as needed.
  • Identified User/Customer Needs and Requirements to Initiate Data-Driven Recommendations on Product Improvements through market/customer research, qualitative/quantitative feedback, interviews, and behavioral analytics.
  • Produced and Delivered Multiple User Journeys and Service Blueprints for appointment setting, follow-up, historical data analysis, and automated marketing/community outreach programs.
  • Developed Technical UX Documentation (websites/conversion flows/data visualizations), Functional Specifications, Interactive Models, User Flows, Wireframes, Storyboards, and Interactive Low/High Fidelity Prototypes using InVisionApp Inc., Figma, Sketch, and Adobe Suite.
  • Facilitated and Participated in Roundtables, Workshops, and Meetings to communicate digital transformation/user experience (UX) project progress to multidisciplinary and cross-matrixed teams (engineering, project, and business) and brainstorm concepts/issues.
  • Built and Managed a Team of Front/Back-End Developers and Data Analysts while fostering a culture of professional integrity, accountability, and inclusion.
  • Minimized Pushback on Digital Transformation/Change Management Projects by advocating their benefits and advantages to national stakeholders/end users.


2015 – 2017


Steered digital transformation and heuristic evaluation projects for enterprise software clients (SMB and Fortune 500 organizations) to enhance user/customer experiences, improve top-line revenue growth, and expand market share while managing, mentoring, and coaching a small team of UX/UI (user experience/user interface) designers.

Highlighted Achievements

  • Secured and Managed Multimillion-Dollar Digital Transformation, Design System, and Heuristic Evaluation Projects (new/legacy applications) in an Agile Environment. Established and fostered trusting client partnership and designed digital blueprints, project plans, scopes, and technical solutions that aligned with their design guidelines/business needs. Highlights Included
    • $3MM Contract for a Process Management System with a $32B Multinational Consumer Goods Organization.  
    • Multimillion-Dollar Inventory System Deployment Project with a $168MM Compression Services Organization.
    • $1.5MM Multi-Phased Mobile Application and Desktop Admin Application Project for a Nationally Recognized Nonprofit.
  • Secured $300K in Annual Savings While Reducing Expense Submission Times with the design and deployment of an internal mobile expense application throughout the organization.
  • Empowered Multidisciplinary Teams to Complete Heuristic Evaluations through the design of standardized templates.
  • Tapped as the User Experience (UX) Team Lead on Heuristic Evaluation throughout the technology assessment phases.
  • Assessed Project Feasibility and Business Value through functional/user testing, needs analysis, feedback, and discovery.
  • Designed and Developed Personas, User Journeys, Wireframes, and Interactive Low/High Fidelity Prototypes using InVisionApp Inc., Zeppelin, Figma, Sketch, and Adobe Suite.


2014 – 2015


Planned, designed, and steered user experience (UX)/user interface (UI) design projects throughout each stage of their lifecycle while building client relationships, increasing their confidence levels, and designing technical solutions in line with their business goals and requirements.

Highlighted Achievements

  • Created an Introduction Package, Including Customized Templates, for Client Initial SharePoint Installations that increased their value of doing business with the organization.


2011 – 2014


Developed, tested, and deployed UX/UI design projects for WHM (Web Host Manager) and cPanel in compliance with both existing brand standards and cPanel design principles. Validated user flows, collaborated with cross-functional Agile teams, and provided training/advisement to developers and stakeholders on design principles.

Highlighted Achievements

  • Designed the Highly Successful Mobile Responsive cPanel that was Deployed as the Default Web Hosting Control Panel for 20+ Million Global Customers with multiple internet domain registrars and web hosting companies, including GoDaddy ($2.9B) and HostGator ($100MM).


BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS (BFA): Game and Interactive Media Design

Double Major: Interactive (Computer Art) and Italian Renaissance Art

Savannah College of Art and Design: Savannah, GA


UX Master Certification

  • UX Certification – Interaction Design Specialty
  • UX Certification – UX Management Specialty

Nielsen Norman Group (Credential ID 1018289)

NNg UX Master Certification

Certified SCRUM Master – SCRUM Alliance

Certified SCRUM Master