About Me

I have been designing and building User Experiences for over 22 years. It’s been a long, strange time.

I started doing UX when it wasn’t being called UX by anyone but a few people out in Silicon Valley.

Since then, I have designed experiences for:


  • Cattlemen to buy and sell entire herds online
  • Inspectors to identify contaminants in Meat processing facilities
  • The second-largest sports media company’s fantasy sports and games players.
  • Lowe’s Racings 5-time NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson.
  • Shoe shoppers at the 2nd largest online retailers at the time.
  • Doctors at one of the world’s most prestigious learning hospitals.
  • Digital Transformation at the United States’ largest DSO (Dental Service Organization)


UX Tools

  • 4 yrs
  • 11 yrs

Adobe Suite

Adobe Photoshop
  • 20 yrs
Adobe Illustrator
  • 20 yrs
Adobe Indesign
  • 12 yrs

Additional Tools

  • 6 yrs
Usability Hub
  • 14 yrs
Invision App
  • 8 yrs

Analog Tools

I have to admit to being a bit of a pen nerd. I am very particular about the pens and pencils I use. I cannot fully explain it, but there is just something about a quality writing and drawing tool.

After years of searching, I discovered BaronFig and its products. Their Squire pen is easily one of the best writing tools I’ve found, and combined with their Confidant Hardcover Notebook (dots), they are a massive part of my typical workflow.

BaronFig Mysterium Edition Squire and Confidant Hardcover Notebook


UX Master Certification –Nielsen Norman Group

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) – SCRUM Alliance