About me

I have been designing ‘interfaces’ for over 20 years. While the medium has changed during those years, the end-user has remained constant. User interaction or experience is not limited to just computers, ‘smart’ phones or tablet devices.

My UI/UX career began, long ago, writing and illustrating leaflets and pamphlets for the U.S. Navy to be distributed to non-english speaking individuals that, to put it simply, instructed them how to either properly surrender, or present their vessel for inspection. I never really had an opportunity to ‘test’ my work or theories before handing them off to the printer, let alone the user base.


Since that beginning, I’ve had the incredible honor of designing websites and interfaces for some extraordinarily diverse companies. While working at eMerge Interactive my work was recognized in 2000 by the Web Marketing Association as “The best Auction site”, and in 2000 and 2001 FORBES Magazines “Best of the Web”. Shortly after, while working at The SportingNews.com, I created and established the worlds first successful sports social network. My work at SportingNews.com went on to be recognized by the Media Industry Newsletter multiple times. In 2006 for “Uses of Interactivity”, and in both 2006 and 2007 SportingNews.com was awarded “Best Community/Social Networking Site”.

Along with Selling Cattle, designing interfaces for cattle management software and making a social networking site for sports fans, I also served as the webmaster for JimmieJohnson.com during the first 4 years of his 5 year NASCAR Cup championship seasons. During that time, I implemented a community forum, along with a “Show Your Team 48 Pride” campaign that was hugely successful in attracting not just new fans, but further entrenching the already existing ones to be passionate supporters of the Lowe’s Racing team.

Anything else?

I graduated from The Savannah College of Art and Design with a double major in Interactive design and Italian Renaissance Art. That second one is going to pay off any day now.

I currently live in Houston, Texas with my Jack Russell “Fletch”. I enjoy an ice-cold Shiner Bock and Mexican food.