Senior Product and User Experience Designer

Hi, I am James. I am a former U.S. Navy Illustrator who designs data-driven data-informed websites and applications. I’m the founder of pixelneering product design. FORBES and multiple other media outlets have recognized my work.

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Case Studies

Delivering Higher Conversions by Focusing on User Behavior

Heartland Dental Digital Transformation Website and Mobile

Heartland Dental is the leading Dental Service Organization in the US, with over 1,500 dentists and orthodontists. Their new CMS is designed with a flexible Design System that accommodates more than 1,400+ independent brands, handles increased patient requests, and provides mobile responsive and accessible websites.

Disrupting a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry on a Tight Budget and Deadline

Energy Domain Project Progression

Energy Domain was creating a technology-driven platform to help buyers, sellers, and lessees better manage oil and gas properties by integrating nationwide well information, production data, analytics, and alerts.

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Not to brag. Well, Sort of.

I have been fortunate enough to help discover and to deliver solutions to these companies and organizations, to name just a few.

A bunch of others that aren’t as well known but are all worthwhile.