James Thompson

User Experience Architect and Designer living in Houston Texas.

User Experience Architect

User Experience

My primary area of interest. I am always trying to empower people to better more fulfilling lives through not just easy to use, but pleasant software.

Lean UX and Agile

Despite being a certified SCRUM Master. I am interested in Agile, LeanUX, Kaizen, Design Thinking… or whatever the current label du jour is for delivering quality results quickly and efficiently. 



I am always looking at ways of increasing my own personal productivity. Whether that’s through bullet journals, or my current self-created daily journal in the GoodNotes app.

AI and Machine Learning Ethics

Machine Learning/ AI Ethics

While not exactly an “official” discipline. I am fascinated by the questions that are starting to arise around Machine Learning/ AI ethics. Making our lives better, shouldn’t come at the cost of our souls. 

Core Focus

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